IATA/Airline Cabin Crew Course by SriLankan Airline Academy

And the International Aviation Academy (IAA) of SriLankan Airlines takes that to a whole now Level

Whether you are a school leaver aspiring to join one of the most dynamic sectors in the world or a professional in the industry, we have something for everyone. Join the prestigious IAA. chosen by IATA as one of its Top Ten Authorized Training Centres in the World.

Enrol in one of courses and start going places today

IATA/Airline Cabin Crew Course

Prepare yourself for one of the most exciting careers in aviation Follow this course and become a cabin crew member of any airline.

Duration: 2 Months

Entry qualifications

6 passes at the GCE Ordinary Level examinations with 4 credit passes including in English

Minimum height of 170.2cm for males and 157.5 cm for females and Body Mass Index (BMI) applies

Course Fee Rs. 120,000.00

for More detail see Below image or Click Here

IATA/Airline Cabin Crew Course by SriLankan Airline Academy

IATA/Airline Cabin Crew Course by SriLankan Airline Academy

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138 Responses

  1. Harshani Virajika says:

    Hello, I would like to join the cabin crew course. I am 25 years old. Do I have the chance to be an air hostess? What is the required age?
    thank you.

  2. sihina says:

    hi Im very interested in doing this cabin crew course.. I’m good at speaking in English but the thing is I don’t have a credit pass for English is there any option? tanks

  3. diwya perera says:

    I really like this course.but i don’t have credit for English.i can fluency English.i try my best improved for english

    • prasanna says:

      i don’t think so this as problem. if you keen on learning i hope srilankan airline would take to you into course

  4. Dilhani rajapaksha says:

    Hello, i would like to join the cabin crew course.. and i have an A pass for English. please i kindly request you to let me know whether i can do this course and how much it will cost? but i am still 17 years old and am i able to do this course? if you can please tell me know a way to contact srilankan airlines.. thank you.

  5. sami says:

    I have 7 passes for G.C.E O/L exam with 3 credit including english can i joing for cabin crew course

  6. Dilrukshi says:

    i hv 7 passes with 3 credit & i knw i cn joing & do da cabin crew course… but with out 4 credit we cnt joing srilankn airlinez for da wrk right….? z dat truth ?

    • prasanna says:

      Hi Dilrukshi.

      i am not sure about it, better you could ask from Srilankan Airline academy.


    • vihari says:

      I am vihari.I have simple pass for maths and A for english I have 3 credits passes including English.I have learn Hindi and am doing languages for a/l so can I be an airhoster in Sri Lankan airline

  7. shazna says:

    Hi .
    i really love join cabin crew bt im 19 yr old .and i want to know if we do this course surly will i get a job

    • prasanna says:

      it is not sure that you will get jobs from Sri Lankan airline. but there is an opportunity for you to join quicker to any of airlines with this qualification

  8. Nithya says:

    hello! I am a school leaver and I have an A pass for English.and also I studied languages subjects for my A/L s.So I wish I would be able to build up my career in aviation field being an air hostess.plz I kindly request you to inform me about the exact dates where this course will begin in this year.

  9. vihangi says:

    Hi.. I’m 20th yrs old n I really like to be a cabin crew member in srilankan air line. I hv passed all subjects in G.C.E o/l with 5A passes n 4B passes I hv a B pass for English, I just want to knw that if I do this course surely will I get a opportunity to be a cabin crew member?

    • prasanna says:

      this is cause is not sure about your job opportunity at Sri Lankan Airline, but they will consider when they call for an interview.

  10. Prageeth says:

    Hy…I like join to cabin crew course..Im 18 years.I can fluency English.but I haven’t c passes for o/l. I have English diploma in esoft..can i join for this? Thank you

  11. shehani says:

    Im 20yr.. I. Have 9 pass for ol and I do German language for my al and also now I am student In Colombo academy of hospitality management institute… is that any posibility to be a cabin crew member

  12. Hii…
    Im pramila…i really love this course.i have 9passes for o\l exam and a distinction pass for the english language..i studied japanese language for the a/l…. So i wanna know that cn i do that course…?…plz let me knw……

    • prasanna says:

      Yes you can Pramila

      • Gihan dushmantha says:

        hey !
        im also realy love this job just like other ones.but, i havent Credits for english.but i think i have good english skiliΕ‘.
        then,could you plz tell can i do this,and
        what i want to do for the get the placement text .

        thank you!

  13. Diana Devaraj says:

    i am in interested in cabin crew i have c pass in english. i dont have much money to pay the course fees. do you have any others systems for that??????

  14. rukshana says:

    hi ..i really like to be a cabin crew … this is just like my aim..i think i have all entry qualifications.. but my height is 156 cm’s..can i do this course???

  15. kanchuka malimbada says:

    hi.how can i get register for the cabin crew course..can i have a contact number plz

  16. meesha says:

    will you get the job definitely after the course ?

  17. prasanthika koshila says:

    i have 9 passes with 8 credites including english.i,m 18 years old.can i do this course.i really like to be an airhoster

  18. chashi says:

    Hellow i’m chashi .. I’m 20th years old now & I really like to be a cabin crew member in srilankan air line. I have passed all subjects in G.C.E o/l with 2A ,4B passes &3c passes I have a C pass for English. I did a/l last year i have 2A & 1C. I’ll hope to go university next year but i would like to join this.. i can speak Japanese & english but i try my best improved it… can i join for this???

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Chashi,

      you have more qualification to joint, specially they need basic English and to check how you manage client while fly. if you know 2 more languages its absolutely a Plus point. i could suggest you to check Sri lankan Airline or Mr.Deepal Perera course.

      because if you followed in this Course at Sri lankan Airline; that doesn’t assure that you will get job from Sri Lankan Airline. so check Mr.Deepal Perera also.

  19. Ravindu says:

    I’m 17 years old.I have 1A ,1B,6C,1S in G.C.E O/L in English medium . ”B” Is for English. I can speak French.Can i join for the cabin crew course.

    PLzzzzzz reply

  20. daminda says:

    Hello..im 25 years old. i hv G.S.E O/L xam qualification with C passes for english subject.Can i join for the cabin crew course.reply me…

  21. Dharani says:

    I want to do this course. Can I surely join to serve as a cabin crew member ? Is it sure?

  22. shehan says:

    I’m 18 years old. I’ll face to A/L exam this August. I have 1- A , 2-B , 6-C passes for my O/L result. “B” For English…
    I would like to Joing with sri Lankan airlines After my Advanced levels as a air hister. πŸ™‚ But i have no idea How what shoud i do. :-/ . Could you please help me…..

    • prasanna says:

      Hello Shehan,

      Normally time to time Sri Lankan Airlines call Job opportunity for Cabin Crew, but there is no fixed month or time for it, but there are many other airlines also conducting interviews in srilanka for cabin crews…
      If you go with Mr.Deepal Perera he used to recommend some airlines for your job, but Sri Lankan Airline Cabin Crew course is much more detail and enrich your skill but no Job guarantee provide for you if you following course with Sri Lankan airline.

      All the best for your future πŸ™‚

  23. Umasha says:

    I m umasha. I participated to cabin crew selection exam-grammer test last 31 and i like to know how longer it’ll get to know results. Thank you.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Umasha,

      the time is depend on the airline recruitment company. i would prefer you to wait sometime or call that recruitment agency and check the position,


  24. Ashka says:

    hello, im 20 yrs old and now im doing my higher studies, i have A/L 3 A passes and C pass for english. can i join with sri lankan air lines as a ground hostess after my degree

  25. Umasha says:

    Ok i’ll. Thank you very much for your response. πŸ™‚

  26. Romesh says:

    Hello prasanna I’m 21 and I’ve completed my UK cambridge stream O’Levels but I passed 5 subjects and I have 3 credits, I’ve followed an english course in British Council I was born in Italy so I’m fluent in Italian ad well I am 6ft tall but I’m underweight. I need some advice if I can follow cabin crew and if my educational qualifications are enough. Thanks in advance.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Romesh,
      Yes you have more qualification than the requirement, don’t think only to working for srilankan airlines, you have more opportunities around the world.
      specially Emirates do recruit multi language speaking people as cabin crew, so you got + there,

      all the best

      • Romesh says:

        Yes prasanna my target is Qatar Airways so I’ve sent an application to Sri lankan airlines as well if they accept my qualifications they might call me I’m keeping my fingers crossed and prasanna are 5 passes enough because they ask for 6 passes but I did UK cambridge o’ levels. Is it okay if I call them and ask about my doubt or I’ll wait till they reply? Reply me soon.
        Best Regards!

        • prasanna says:

          Dear Romesh,

          if they call for position only they will call you for an interview, if not they will keep your CV in their data base and call you when they have next interview..
          personally i don’t suggest you to contact them, but you can contact Mr.Deepal Perera and ask this question, because he is so helpful


  27. Romesh says:

    Hello Prasanna,

    I called them and some girl answered I don’t know her name she didn’t mention so when I told her about my qualifications she said that 5 passes are not enough and that I should have 6 passes for the IATA Cabin Crew Diploma. I’m so disappointed actually I was hoping that it will work I was so confident but after she said it’s not possible I just had to let go. I guess there is no other way. Awaiting to hear from you.

    Best regards.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Romesh,
      Than try with Mr.Deepal Perera, he is much helpful in this way and he used to recommend you to some airlines too.


  28. Romesh says:

    Hello Prasanna,

    Please let me know how I can contact Mr. Deepal is there a phone number? Please reply,

  29. Romesh says:

    Thanks Prasanna I’ll inform you regarding the progress. Thanks again for the trouble!

    Best regards

    • malith says:

      hi Mr prasanna.I have 6 paseses at the GCE o/L..but I haven’t credit pass for English..I can speak German well.and these days I’m following my degry in kalani university..specially I’m doing Russian language and tourism management subject..so I want konow about one thing, that can I join this course..??

      • prasanna says:

        Dear Malith,

        Yes you can apply for this job, but i hope you can do much better in hospitality industry than the Cabin Crew,


  30. tharu says:

    Dear Mr prasanna,
    Acctully I have different problem .. Am a shot girl and ma height is only 147 cm.. HV b pass for o/l English as well c pass for a/l .. Am I able to apply ??

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Tharu,

      you can check some cabin crew requirement first and check it..
      some country doesn’t require height requirement, so its always advisable to check it entry qualification.

  31. nayana says:

    Mr. Prasanna ,
    I’m nayana sananmali. 22year old ..I passed O/L&A/L……….B pass in O/L..
    .I followed a cabin crew course. Are there any cabin crew jobs opportunities in Sri Lankan airlines?

  32. Isha Janani says:

    Hi prasanna,
    I am 19 years old. i have successfully completed my A/Ls with an A pass for English. I too have done english literature for my A/Ls and got a simple pass. I would like to be a ground hostess in sri lanka. but i don’t have a correct idea of how to do it. I do have another problem. My parents cannot afford much course fee for these diplomas. So can i be a groung hostess without giving much burdent to my dad. please do reply me.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Isha,
      really i am not sure about the Ground servicer cabin Crew requirement, i could help you by recommending Mr.Deepal Perera where he do advise personally and he could help you to get a jobs also,
      so you can contact him on 0777 33 11 50

      All the best,

  33. dulanjani madushika says:

    Hi, i am 20 years old. I have an A pass for english in o/ l and i really like to follow the cabin crew course.i need to lnow the duration too. but my parents cant afford much course fee at once . But it is ok if we can pay it for twice . How can you help me? Please reply.

    • prasanna says:

      i doubt srilankan airline offer you installment schemes, but you can talk to Mr.Deepal perera and see about it,

  34. janaka says:

    Hi Mr prasanna. I’m 19 years old. I have 9 passes for G.C.E o/l exam with 6 credits including English. I studied Hindi language for the a/l. I can speak English and Hindi well. Can I join this cabin crew course. Plz reply

  35. janaka says:

    That’s great. I want to join srilankan airlines. But my height is 167 cm. Can I join srilankan airlines

  36. Chathura Hansaka says:

    Im 17 yrs old I did cambridge o/l i like to join urvaorlines I have good grades for the exams .

  37. Hirunika says:

    Hi.. I have done London Edexcel IGCSE O/L s. I have 8 passes with 3 credits.. And also I have a credit pass for English from second sitting.. So can I apply for the cabin crew diploma.. Will they take students who have done London o/ls?

  38. K.puetron fernando says:

    My name is puetron fernando am finished o/l last year. I got my result this month i have A,B,C,4S. C pass in english. I take one diploma course in british council in mannar. I ask i can do this cabin crew course in srilankan airline. But my height is 5.3 this is enought this course. Please reply to me sir. Thanks….

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Puetron,

      Yes you can do it, even you can learn this Cabin Crew Courses from outside and get jobs from many other airlines.
      all the best

  39. naduni dunukara says:

    I’m 18 years old.I have 9 passes for my o/l exam and i have a B pass for english as well as i have a credit for french.I’m doing languages for a/l.I have s pass for I have done too english literature and i got simplepass.I’m doing languages for a/l.I would like to know i can follow this course now onwards.

  40. Akshila Wickramaarachchi says:

    im 18 yrs old. i hv got a credit pass for english. i really want to be a cabin crew. so,may i know in which 2 months this IATA airline cabin crew course held in???

    • usitha says:

      hi im 21yrs old.i hv got a credit pass for english for GCE OL and i hv 6 credit passes.i really want to be a cabin crew.how i can registered for the course and when is the course held??

      • prasanna says:

        this course will commence in everymonth, but doing this course will not guaranteed job at srilankan airline,

  41. Jehan Weerabansa says:

    Hallo Prasanna, i am really interested in this course and can you please let me know when is the next course scheduled to start? Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

  42. Jehan Weerabansa says:

    Hello prasanna, i am really interested in this course and can you please let me know when is the next course scheduled to start?
    Thank you very much in advance for your reply..

  43. Shamin Mendis says:

    Hey buddy,I,m 18 years old,I have credit pass for English,but I have 2 results sheats,I have 8 passes with 3 credit passes,in both results,can I have more information???can I be a crew member???

  44. Ayesha Maduwanthi says:

    HELLO!!!!!! Iam 22 years old and i would like join fo the course. I”ve got A pass for english how can i apply for this course?

  45. ruwan says:

    I want to joine cabin crew course.i havent c pass in english.now im joined sri lanka air force ground support technician. How to joint this course

    • prasanna says:

      you can joint this course, but doing this course guaranteed that you will get a job from Sri Lankan Airlines


  46. Kasun Sanjeewa says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have 10 passes with 9 credites including English (B pass for english) I,m 24 years old.can i do this course.?
    I really like to be a Cabin Crew Member in Sri Lankan Airline… πŸ™‚

    • prasanna says:

      Yes you can do it, but doing this course not guaranteed that you will get job from Sri Lankan Airline


  47. Hafsa says:

    Hi I am 17 yrs old my height is 160cm i hv A pass for english in my ol can i join air hostess course

  48. Dula says:

    I’m 20 years old.i did GCC O/L exam 7 passed including English.i can speak french ,hindi ,Arabic ,Greek ,Tamil ,japan and korean..but my height is 5’4..can i join this cabin crew course??reply soon

  49. piumi says:

    Hello, I would like to join the cabin crew course. I am 25 years old. Do I have the chance to be an air hostess? What is the required age?
    thank you.

  50. piumi says:

    Hello, I would like to join the cabin crew course. I am 25 years old.Do I have the chance to be an air hostess?

  51. piumi says:

    I am 25 years old. I would like to join the cabin crew course.Do I have the chance to be an air hostess?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Piumi,

      as per my knowledge age is also considerable in selecting cabim crew but it is not much important, if your presentation skill is good, they will consider you beyond your age limitation,

      all the best,

  52. Amilka Ravishan says:

    Hi!!!!! I’m 18 Years Old. I Did GCE O/L Exam 09 Passes with 07 Credites Including English & I sit for the A/L Exam this Year,for the First Time… My Height 5’8….. So i Would Like to join the cabin crew course. Do I have a chance to be an Flying Steward????/ Reply Soon Sir……..

    • prasanna says:

      Yes you can. but its always advise to follow a course to learn better how to perform as Fly Stewards,
      but before that pls focus on your A/L Exams,


  53. Sir, I did my O/l’s with 9A passes & sitting for A/L’s in this august..i’m really interested in this field but my height is 5’8 l,so can i join this.

  54. Melissa says:

    Hy i m melissa i ve 9 passes for ol and I’m continuing my al and i do french as a subject so is it possible for me & i need to knw afr we finish tiz course are we definitely getting the job

  55. Melissa says:

    I need to know after doing this coutsd are we getting the job definitely

  56. ashen says:

    dear sir,

    i’m ashen from dubai. you have mentioned above minimim height is 172.2cm.so actually i don’t have minimum height.my height is 165cm.is that ok for this course.i have other qulifications.could i apply for this course?

  57. Shamila says:

    Hi I’m a 7 distinct holder with 9 passes for o/l and English literature holder. So I hope to do iata aviation course and an extra foreign language with in next 3 months. Soo wt I need to know is when I can join with cabin crew and when will interview held? I’m in a hurry to join with crew.thnz

  58. mihiri says:

    What is the minimum age required to become an air hostess? I’m 25 years I’ve got 9As for ol and got though my als in bio science stream. What are the qualifications to be fulfilled

  59. Chandi says:

    Prasanna, i have 2A,1B,1C and 5s for my o/ls,and i got A pass for english and s pass for english literature in o/ls and i did languages for my a/ls,so i have S pass for french and B pass for English in a/ls,i did E-Ticketing course conducted by Deepal Perera,can i do cabin crew course,im 23 years old

  60. Reshan says:

    Im 23 years old.I have got 7 As,2 Bs for o/l exam.but i have only sat for the al exam in maths stream.sothat i have only ol resuts.can I join with this course ? as well as i want to know , is it possible to join with sri lankan airline with my qualifications ? ( without A/l , o/l + srilankana cabin crew diploma)

  61. hirushika says:

    Hi I’m hirushika.Can you tell me what are the qualifications we have to become an air hostess?

  62. Vineetha says:

    Hai Sir,
    I’m Vineetha,student of Mr.Deepal.I’m 19yrs.I have 9 credits in my O/L ,Including A for English.I want to be an air hostess in Sri Lankan air line according to that I’m following Diploma in Airline Fares/E Ticketing,Marketing,Reservations,Cargo,Ground Handling&Airport Operations conduct by Mr.Deepal.Using this can’t I become an air hostess?

    • prasanna says:

      No Mr.Deepal Has difference course for Cabin Crew, you can join to that, definitely he will help you to get job placement,


  63. viraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    How can i contact IATA academy?If you have contacts numbers please send me.Thank You.

  64. uditha says:

    Hello’ I”m Uditha I would like to join the cabin crew coures . How to join.

  65. Pujani says:

    hello, iam pujani…i did cambridge exams and i have 7 passes for o/ls and two passes for a/ls..including the fact i did cambridge english for a/s…i applied online for aviation college..and iam waiting for a confirmation mail..and i mainly i want to know the age gap? and also if there are any contracts we usually get to sign?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Pujani,

      This is Education.Synergyy mainly 3rd party website offer education availabilities in Sri Lanka. so its perfer you contact to Sri Lankan Aviation College directly,


  66. lakshika munasinghe says:

    hi,,i m lakshika..also i hve finished my AL s from maths.i m in 21yet and if i join the srilankan air hosters what should i do can i join that..plz inform me.thank you,,,

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Lakshika,

      Yes you can join, to joint with Sri Lankan Airline you should face their interviews on their vacancies available.
      all the best, its always suggested to follow a programme and go, because interviewers expectation are much higher than ordinary person.


  67. sharangan says:

    I would like be a male cabin crew. So I’d u have any details about that please send me. 0772928473 it’s my contact number. I need more information about that

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Sharangan,

      There are some airline companies call cabin crew vacancies on news paper, you can apply and visit for their placement. most of the time, they consider people with quite knowledge about handling passengers and emergencies. so if you can follow cabin crew courses.
      you can try Mr.Deepal Perera Course too.


  68. Hy Mr.Prasanna…

    I’m achini nirodha.I’m 19 years old.my favourite one and only job is be an airhostre.so, I have C credit pass for English in G.C.E. o/l examination & I passed all subjects in o/l exam…actually, I want to do cabin crew course in srilankan airlines..so how much in this course and how many months this coures ? and the other details conform for me…please reply for me quickly….

    Thank You….😊

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