Sri Lankan Airline Aviation College – New Enrollments for courses

There’s no better way to start your career in aviation than with Sri Lankan Aviation College. We are one of the top aviation training schools n the region and offer a range of internationally recognized qualifications. Our college has world class facilities and instructors to give you an unrivalled earning experience.

Choose from our extensive range of programmes:

Course Intake Course Fee
IATA/UFTAA Travel & Tourism Foundation Diploma March-15 Rs. 150,000
IATA/FIATA Cargo Introductory Diploma March-15 Rs. 115,000
lAlA/Airline Cabin Crew Diploma March-15 Rs. 160,000
Foundation Course in Airport Passenger Handling April-15 Rs. 125,000
Flight Operations Officer/Flight Dispatcher Programme May-15 Rs. 850,000
Aircraft Load Control Course January-15 Rs. 100,000
Train the Trainer Certificate Programme March-15 Rs. 40,000
Certificate in Professional Personality Development April-15 Rs. 25,000
National Certificate in Aviation Management June-15 Rs 160,000
Aircraft Maintenance CAT A1 (Airplane Turbine) March-15 Rs. 850,000
Aircraft Maintenance (Basic Course B1.1/B2) March-15 Rs.1,700,000


A concessional educational loan scheme is available.

Apply online or download the application form from, and email your completed form to

For more information, call 019 733 4000 or Nadeesha on 071 021 4000 (between 0830 Hrs to 1700 Hrs).

Or see below image

Sri Lankan Airline Aviation College – New Enrollments for courses

Sri Lankan Airline Aviation College – New Enrollments for courses

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149 Responses

  1. kanchuka malimbada says:

    hi how can i apply for this course

  2. IShara says:

    I have just finished my A/L under commerce stream how can I follow a course here

  3. nishalini says:

    I have applied online to the airport passenger handling course but still I didn’t get any reply from the srilankan aviation college,so how can I join the course?

    • prasanna says:

      Just give a call to them, sometimes some information may missing…

      making call and clarifying is much easier than waiting.

  4. kalana says:

    I have done my A/L under maths stream in 2014 I like to apply to the aircraft maintenance(basic course B1.1/B2) course,so how can I join the course?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Kalana,
      You could check the enrollment detail in website itself and you can make an appointment and you could joint for this course,

      all the very best.

  5. senuu says:

    what is the duration of IATA/UFTAA Travel & Tourism Foundation Diploma?

  6. ashoor says:

    Flight Operations Officer/Flight Dispatcher Programme
    How many years? and any installments
    please send me details about this course.

  7. thivagar says:

    I wonwont to join this course I am finish my ol and doing AL

  8. I have just finished my A/L s in maths stream this year and i like to apply for the aircraft maintenance(basic course B1.1/B2) course,and i need to know about that when do you call applications for 2016 intake????

  9. shadisha says:

    I had done my a/l exam.I want to follow aircraft maintenance(basic course B1.1/B2) course,so how can I join the course?

  10. shadisha says:

    please can you send more details about the aircraft maintenance(basic course B1.1/B2) course?
    this is my address…

  11. Samuditha E. Perera says:

    Presently I am doing a job as a Trainee Travel Consultant at recognized company.. So now I have to do a Airline Management Course, how could I do that. Could you pls update me. Thanks

  12. Pradeepa says:

    Can you explain more about “Flight Operations Officer/Flight Dispatcher Programme” please.
    I’ll be glad to join Sri Lankan Airlines. I’m just after my A/L, who followed commerce steam including Information Technology as a main subject.
    Is girls are suitable for this job?

    • prasanna says:

      Hello Pradeepa,

      All jobs are suitable for Girls, No Questions on that…
      i hope you can do this course, but check about the Job Opportunity in Sri Lanka or Aboard for this Job…

      seriously i have less knowledge about the current Job market for this job.

  13. Nimali says:

    Dear Prasanna,
    Please can you tell me that when you going to start the load control course?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Nimali,
      Sri Lankan Airlines doesn’t have this Load Control Course at the Moment, you can contact to Sri Lankan Airline Aviation College for more details.


  14. ashan says:

    do u have pilot training courses

  15. salinda says:

    can i do this load control course in srilankan aviation college?

  16. kevin hoshnar says:

    I have only 1 pass im my A/L…
    can i follow Airport passenger handling or Cabin crew diploma??

  17. chamika says:

    Do you know about new enrolments for 2016 ?

    • prasanna says:

      dear Chamika
      Check the link above for enrollment dates, or comment below what is the programme you looking forward to joint,


  18. SHAFRAN says:


  19. Hiruni says:

    I applied for thecabin crew diploma few day ago. Can I know when will be the next intake? Is it on march?

  20. chamika says:

    I’m looking forward to join Basic programme B 1.1 but I can’t find information about enrolment dates from above link. Can you please help..

  21. hasini piyumika says:

    Are there model papers about passenger handling placement test? ?

  22. hasini piyumika says:

    Hai. I wont know about passenger handling foundation course placement test’s model papers. Can u give some information about that?

  23. pubudu says:

    I passed the my a/l undeer the maths stream…so can I follow cabin crew course…

  24. Prasadi Pemasiri says:

    Hello Mr. Prasanna,
    I would like to know whether the National Certificate Course in Aviation Management guarantee any job opportunities here or abroad.
    Thanks in advance!

  25. mathushan says:

    how long you can give job gurante for aircraft maintenance course?? will you take for vacancies in srilankan airlines??

  26. nuwan says:

    what are the o/l results that is needed to be a aircraft engineer?

  27. sithara thathsarani says:

    I have just finished my o/l s and presently I am doing A/l s in maths stream,I like to apply the foundation in travel and tourism course,can i apply for this course in this year?

  28. sithara thathsarani says:

    I want to join the foundation in travel and tourism course ,can you tell me when is it start for 2016?

  29. keshan says:

    I done my o/l examination so I complete entry requirements how can I enter to srilankan aviation college

  30. timali says:

    I did my a/l s in 2015 in maths stream and i want to do a degree on Aviation Management. How can i enter to the srilankan aviation college? Could you please give me a link regarding above degree for get more details?

  31. Sithara says:

    Hi becoming as a flite stewardess is my dreamy job, but my hight is 149cm, can i appy for this?

  32. OVINI says:

    I did my a/l s in 2016.i have 3 passes(B,C,S) in art .can I follow airport passenger handing or carbine diploma, can you tell me when is it start for 2016???

  33. Keerthana says:

    hi i would like to know when are they commencing classes for AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TRAINING CAT A1 (AIRPLANE TURBINE)? When do they intake for the new batch?

  34. fameeza says:

    How to apply air ticketing course

    • fameeza says:

      I did my a/l I want to do air ticketing course. How can i enter to the Sri Lankan aviation college.please give me a details about air ticketing course and how to apply that.

  35. Sachini says:

    Dear Prasanna would you please let me know the requrments to follow diploma in cabin crew i just did my A/l in Tech stream

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Sachini,
      only requirement is G.C.E (O/L) Passes and your interest,

      pls contact cabin crew course coordinators for more details,


  36. ishara lakshan says:

    I finish my O/L egxam and ilike to join the air craft load control cource …….so i can follw the cource

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Ishara,
      some courses you should have 3 Passes in G.C.E (A/L), so please check the entry qualification carefully.

  37. sajani says:

    Im apply airport passenger handling coz.But still i have’nt ur reply.could i know when is the started da coz.n cn i join with aviation ???

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Sajani,

      you can contact to Srilankan Airline Aviation College with your reference No for more deatils,

      all the best,

  38. tharindu says:

    Dear prassanna
    can u please tell me about the airport PHF course’s placement many marks should I get it to qualify the course.looking for reply soon.thanks

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Tharindu,
      Sorry i am not aware about this marks or an examination details,
      pls do contact Sri Lankan Airlines Aviation college or AAL


  39. tharindu says:

    dear prasanna
    can all the students who successfully complete the course,offer the job at srilankan airline?
    unless whats the solution for them
    abroad or other?

    • prasanna says:

      Students need to find their own job, May be Sri Lanka would consider you on their interview process or they will let you know when there are interviews call.

  40. Arshad Ahamed Miskin says:

    Dear Mr prasanna,
    I am doing A/L in August 2016. My intention is to follow
    IATA/FIATA Cargo Introductory Diploma. Can you please let me know the next intake
    date?? and when can i apply for this course??

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Arshad,
      all he best for your exams. regarding the new enrollment dates you should contact to Sri lankan airline aviation college,

  41. abishek says:

    Dear prasanna,
    I want to do a ground handling course…
    So could you tell me that how can I apply for it?

  42. ayodhya Perera says:

    how i apply to cabin crew diploma in aviation college

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Ayodhya,
      Simply visit their link above stated and apply for the course, for more details contact to Sri lankan airline aviation college,

  43. kalpana perera says:

    how cn i apply to ground landing course of aviation college and wht are the job vacancies about this course?

  44. Ruvini Pramodya says:

    Dear prasanna ,
    I did my A/Ls in 2015 . I got B pass for English and S pass for Maths . Can I join the cabin crew diploma ??

  45. Irosh says:

    I want to apply can I do now?? If it is possible within how many instalments do I get to pay?

  46. aren’t their any course for a child who is 15 years old to do in school vacation(a holiday course)

    • prasanna says:

      there are some vacation courses offers by Asian aviation and some other aviation institutes, but still Sri Lankan Airline not commence yet.

  47. Zamil says:

    I have done the basic diploma course in a different institution. I want to do IATA/UFTAA FOUNDATION. When can I start this course

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Zamil,
      the dates are not stated in Sri Lankan Aviation college website, pls do call them on above given number,

  48. Raaed Shiraz says:

    dear sir.
    i have planned to follow the Air craft maintenance course (basic course)
    can i know the duration of that course and i wanna know weather job opportunity will be provided by the college ?
    awaiting fr your kind reply !
    thanking in advance !

  49. Krishan says:

    After complete travel and tourism diploma how can we find out a jobs? Could you please tell me about the vacancies and also salaries.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Krishan,
      there are plenty of job opportunity for the travel and tourism, and the salaries is highly depend on your PR and experience,


  50. Ruwinka Fernando says:

    I would like to know when will the Certificate in Professional Personality Development commence and where will the classes be held…

  51. Dear sir,
    I have done my A/L exam in commerce stream.I like to join I like to join ground handling in srilankan dear sir how can i join the ground handling course?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Theja,

      below are the entry qualifications,

      6 passes at GCE Local or London O/L with 4 Credits in one sitting including a credit for English in not more than two sittings.
      Basic Math skills and good English skills recommended
      Selection will be based on an interview


  52. prakash says:

    Is there any enrolment in the month of September? or nearest one?

  53. saku says:

    What are the deference air craft maintance A1 & B1?

  54. Sameera says:

    If i do cabin crew diploma in aviation college, will i get a job for surely?

  55. Naveen says:

    Is A/Ls compulsory for the course B1.1/B2 or can i join it just after my O/Ls ,And if so what should be the qualifications

    • prasanna says:

      Completion of GCE (O/L) with 6 passes and 4 credit passes with credits for Mathematics and Science in one sitting and a Credit pass for English in not more than two sittings and Two Credit passes at G.C.E.(A/L) including Physics (excluding General English) or an equivalent educational qualification in not more than two sittings.

  56. Sudesh Jayantha W.B.Don says:

    My son likes to do the Aircraft Maintenance (Basic Course B1.1/B2). This December (2016) he is sitting to his O/L exam. Please send me details via e-mail about it.
    Thank You

  57. chanuka says:

    I would like to join with srilankan aviation college And i hope to follow cabin crew course.i have done AL from Bio stream in can i get information and entry requirements for the course?after follow this course,does the aviation college offer us for the interviews organized by any kind of airline? As well as,the cetificates issued by the aviation college do they recommoned as a entry qualification?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Chanuka,

      there is no entry qualification for this programme. so you can join for sure.
      Yes they may organise some interviews but its not guaranteed that you will get job from srilankan airlines, but they may assist you for your future opportunities
      Yes certificate will issue by the aviation college, which is highly recognized


  58. R.Dilki madushani says:

    I have wanted to apply for cabin crew to joing with aviation college

  59. Lasantha says:

    How to become a pilot? Is there a recognize courses in aviation collage or out side in srilanka?

  60. G. rajarathne says:

    My just completed GCE (A/L) in bio science stream and he is interesting to follow the Flight Operation Officer course . Please guide me proceed.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Mr. rajarathne,

      Please check above links and apply online, Sri lankan Airline Aviation College will call you on their course commencement,


  61. G. rajarathne says:

    My son just completed GCE (A/L) in bio science stream and he is interesting to follow the Flight Operation Officer course . Please guide me to proceed.

  62. Shahman says:

    I did apply to the flight dispatcher training online, but got no word from the college. So what should I do?
    I am from Maldives by the way.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Shahman,

      yes you can email they with your application reference number and ask for the explanation why not call, if you don’t get responses please write back to us with reference no, i will check from myend.


  63. Naveen Eranda says:

    Hi sir,
    I am hoping to follow the course of National certificate in Aviation Management in your institute . what kind of job opportunities related to this Course. Please help me to know them.
    Thank you

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Naveen,
      i am pretty not sure about this programme, would appreciate if you contact to the Srilankan Airline Aviation College,


  64. Dolanjanan says:

    I want to do a Aircraft course after my O/L then how can I join for it and if u can give me some information’s

  65. seniya says:

    prasanna i did my o/l and i want to join the pilot training couse can i apply

  66. Thilini says:


    I need to get the course fee for 2016. How can I check for that? And what is the cost for the “IATA MANAGING THE TRAVEL BUSINESS DIPLOMA”? And do you do IATA Amadeus? And may I know the trainer for Amadeus plus IATA Management Level?

    Thank you in Advance,
    Best Regards,


  67. vihari says:

    I like cabin crew

  68. I’m just after my ordinary level exam ! I just want to follow the cabin crew thing how can i enroll ??

  69. Iresha says:

    Do you give jobs after this course

  70. Navodi Maitipe says:

    Dear sir,
    I did A/L from Maths stream and I am willing to apply for air lines cabin crew course. What are the qualifications required and how do I get more information about this sir?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Navodi Maitipe,

      Cabin crew course doesn’t requires any entry qualification to joint, but your PR skill is most wanted when you get into the job,


  71. Kunalan says:

    Iam A.L engineering technology finish S pass iam join with avation college

  72. Roshen says:

    If I want “senior airport hub operations” post,what is course I have to do?

    • prasanna says:

      Basically you should study the Aviation Management and Operation degree programme, mostly foreign universities offer, i hope KDU have this programme too. or els you can follow Airport Operation Professional Courses from recognised body

  73. sachith chandula says:

    Can i follow the Aircraft Maintenance (Basic Course B1.1/B2) course straight after my A/l (2018) ?

  74. Dinusha says:

    I want to apply for the airline cabing crew how i apply this course?

    • prasanna says:

      Just Click the link given above and its lead to Sri Lanka Airline Aviation College website, you can self register for the course and once the course is commence they will email you to enroll it.

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