Competency Mapping 3 Days workshop by IPM

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lPM Sri Lanka proudly announces the Certificate Programme in “Competency Mapping’ with the collaboration of TV Rao Learning Systems (Pvt) Ltd India from 24th to 26th July 2018.

Programme Source by

  1. T. V. Rao
  2. Nandmi Chawta

Areas Covered

Module 1 – Introduction to Competencies and Competency Mapping

Module 2 – Role Set Based Competency Mapping

Module 3 – Generating Behaviour indicators

Module 4 – Using Behavioural Event Interview to map competencies and other Methods of Competency Mapping

Module 5 – Competency Framework. Competency Models and Competency Dictionary

Module 6 Competency Based HRM – Deployment of Competencies in


Target Group:

HRD Professionals, Line Managers / Unit Heads, Supervisors, Recruitment & Selection Managers


Date: 24th to 26th July 2018

Time: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Venue: OZO – Colombo


IPM Member : Rs. 103,500/-+2% NBT

Non Member: Rs. 115,000/- + 2% NBT


  • Train a group of Professionals in Competency Mapping and develop professional competence to map one’s own role
  • Equip participants with the know how to design and conduct competency mapping exercise for a set of roles in one’s own organization
  • Develop a competency model for one’s organization
  • Help professional design HR interventions to build a competency based organization



  • identify competencies for a particular role/job.
  • Generate behavioural indicators for these competencies.
  • Be familiar with various methodologies used for competency mapping.
  • Develop competency models specifically for their own organization.
  • Create competency-based HRM system in their organizations including recruitment, induction, performance management, training and career development.



  • Reading Material
  • Lectures and Conceptual inputs
  • Assignments and exercises for each module
  • Watching and Learning through videos


For more details contact to Pinsiri by or 077-7802901 / Niwantha by or 071-2500784 or see below image

Competency Mapping 3 Days workshop by IPM

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