B.Sc Degree Programme Application – Sri Lanka Technological Campus

Sri Lanka Technological Campus a fully-owned subsidiary of Sri Lankan Telecom (SLT) PLC. Sri Lanka Technological Campus is located at the Satellite Earth Station in Padukka, in a comfortable 35 acre property with ultra-modem learning facilities.

Our Engineering degree programmes are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education 6 Highways and recognized by the University Grants Commission (UCC). They are also in line with the Washington Accord Accreditation. Based on the guidelines of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL).

It is the first corporate powered research based fully residential Engineering Campus in the country.


Registrations are now open for 2018

School of Engineering: B.Sc. Hons. (Eng.) Degree programmes:

  • Electronics and Power Systems
  • Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Electronics and Engineering Management
  • Information and Communication Engineering


School of Technology: B.Tech Hons. Degree programmes:

  • Electronics
  • Process Automation and Control
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Financial Technology


Application Eligibility Criteria

Degree Programmes

Engineering Degrees – A minimum of 3 S passes in Physical Science Stream

Technology Degrees – A minimum of 3 S passes in Physical Science, Biological Science, Agriculture, Technology Stream, ICT

Sri Lanka Technological Campus introduces ENTECH, a merit-based Engineering and Technology scholarship programs for the first time in Sri Lanka. The ENTECH Youth Excellence Scholarships reward all deserving students who excelled in their ALs, presenting them with an opportunity of a world-class education. SLTC has opened an attractive pathway for aspiring young achievers to conquer the future in Engineering and Technological innovations.

ENTECH Scholarship Eligibility Criteria – Minimum 2 C and 1 S Passes

For more details contact to SLTC on 0112100500

B.Sc Degree Programme Application – Sri Lanka Technological Campus

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