Master of Arts in Economics – 2017/2018 by University of Ruhuna

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University of Ruhuna, Faculty of Graduate Studies invites applications for the Master of Arts in Economics in academic year 2017/2018.

Entry Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university including 30 credits, in the relevant field.
  2. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with experience in the relevant j field as acceptable to the Senate.
  3. Other qualifications in the relevant subject area equal to above 1 or 2 and j acceptable to the Senate.
  4. Completion of NVQ I Level 7 with experience or qualification in the relevant field as acceptable to the Senate.


Nature of the Course:

  • This is a programme with two semesters (one year) and it is designed in line with the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework.
  • Lectures will be conducted on weekends and government holidays.
  • The course can be followed either in Sinhala medium or in English medium, (two separate j groups in the same batch)
  • Course fee: Rs. 80,000/ = (Can be paid in two instalments within the first 03 months of I the programme)



Three of the best performing – English medium students in MA in Economics programme will be awarded one year scholarship to Agder University, Norway, under the link j programme between the University of Ruhuna & Agder University, Norway.



Application forms and other necessary information can be obtained from the Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Ruhuna by handing over or sending a bank receipt for the payment of Rs.1000 to the collection account of the I University of Ruhuna through any branch of People’s Bank giving the Reference No. 322051800000014. (Please note that the University of Ruhuna is not responsible for any payments without the above reference number) The closing date for the submission of applications is 17.11.2017.

The dully completed applications can be submitted Online. For further details, visit the website of the Faculty of Graduate Studies URL. (

See below image for more details

Master of Arts in Economics – 20172018 by University of Ruhuna

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