National Institute of Education – Announcement

Department of Examinations, National Institute of Education announced  that the Certificates of candidates who have successfully completed the courses conducted by the National Institute of Educaiton relevant to the year 1987 – 2010 are still with the Department of Examinations.

The names of the relevant candidates categorized according to courses are published in the National Institute of Education web site

Please collect them at your earliest; please note that this offer is valid only up to 30th June 2017 only Certificates are available for the below Courses,

  1. Master of Education Degree
  2. Bachelor of Education Degree
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in School Counseling
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Education Management
  6. Advanced Diploma in Education Management
  7. Trained Teachers Certificate Course
  8. National Diploma in Education (Media Studies)
  9. Second National Language Course
  10. Diploma in School Management
  11. Diploma in Primary School Management
  12. Diploma in Special Education
  13. Diploma in Sign Language
  14. Diploma in Agriculture Education
  15. Diploma in Early Childhood Development
  16. Diploma in Drama & Theatre
  17. Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language
  18. Additional Language Improvement Course

For more details contact to Dr.T.A.R.J. Gunasekara (Director General), National Institute of Education or see below image

National Institute of Education - Announcement

National Institute of Education – Announcement

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