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Recommended Subjects for BA(GEN/SP)

External Degree Course

Code Subject
AMAT Applied Mathematics
ARCH Archaeology
BUCU Buddhist Culture
BUPH Buddhist Philosophy
CHIN Chinese
CHCU Christian Culture
ECON Economics
ENGL English
FNRT Fine Arts
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GERM German
HIND Hindi
HIST History
JAPA Japanese
TRMD Language Translation Methods
LISC Library & Information Science
LING Linguistics
MACO Mass Communication
PHIL Philosophy
POLS Political Science
PMAT Pure Mathematics
RUSS Russian
SANS Sanskrit
SINH Sinhala
SOST Social Statistics
SOCI Sociology
WCCU Western Classical Culture

(Of these subjects Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Russian languages and Library & Information Science are offered for the B.A. (General) Degree only.)

B.A Degree Courses with Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Candidates can apply for a B.A. degree course with Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and one of the approved Arts subject or Pure Mathematics with approved two Arts subjects.

  1. Archaeology
  2. Economics
  3. Linguistics
  4. Philosophy
  5. Social Statistics


Candidates cannot apply directly for B.A (Special) degree courses. Only successful candidates at the First Examination in Arts are eligible to apply for registration. Course contents of the Special Degree will be issued to candidates who apply for Special Degree courses on successful completion of First Examination in Arts.

Requirements for Registration

Candidates those who wish to follow B.A. (General / Special) degree courses must first to be registered for the First Examination in Arts. Required qualifications are given below.

(a) Candidates should have passed, in one sitting a minimum of three approved subjects at the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka.

(b) Candidates who do not possess the qualifications stated in section 4.1. (a) above, can apply for registration if they have obtained any one of the following qualifications accepted by the University of Kelaniya:

  1. Passed the Pracina Intermediate Examination of the Sri Lanka Oriental Languages Society. (Sri Lanka Pracina Bhasopakara Samitiya.) or obtained a pass in the Diploma of the Bandaranaike International Studies Centre in Colombo.
  2. Passed the Final Examination of the Sri Lanka Law College.
  3. Obtained a Trained Teacher’s Certificate of the Department of Education.
  4. A degree of a recognized University.
  5. Passed the Final Examination of the Sri Lanka Library Association.
  6. Passed the Diploma of the Institute of Workers’ Education.
  7. Associate Membership of the Sri Lanka Institute of Chartered Accountants.
  8. Membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy (CIMA).
  9. Higher National Diploma in Accountancy or Higher National Diploma in Commerce of the Sri Lanka Technical College.
  10. A Diploma in Business Studies awarded by a former affiliated University or a recognized polytechnical Institute.
  11. Completed one-year service as a commissioned officer of a permanent unit of the Sri Lanka Army, Navy or Air Force.
  12. An officer in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service who has passed the examination for recruitment to Class III of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service.
  13. The two year National Certificate in Business Studies of the Sri Lanka Technical College.
  14. Diploma in Buddhism of the Sri Lanka Buddhist and Pali University.
  15. Diploma in Mass Media of the University of Colombo.
  16. Diploma in Banking of the Sri Lanka Banker’s Institute.
  17. Diploma in Agriculture of the Amparai Hardy Technical College.
  18. Passed the Foundation Course in Social Studies of the Open University of Sri Lanka.
  19. Passed the Professional Advanced Certificate course in Library Science & Documentation of the University of Kelaniya.
  20. Passed the Agriculture Diploma course, Aquinas University.
  21. Obtained a pass in one of the following Diplomas of the National Business Management Institute:

(a) Diploma in Computer System Design (English Medium)

(b) Higher Diploma in Computer based Information System (English Medium)

(c) Diploma in Business Management (English Medium)

(d) Advanced Diploma in Industrial Engineering (English Medium)

(e) Diploma in Marketing Management (English Medium)

(f) Diploma in Business Management (Sinhala Medium)

(g) Diploma in Personnel Management (English Medium)

(h) Diploma in Personnel Management (Sinhala Medium)

22. Diploma of the Institute of Chartered Technicians, having passed all three stages.


Any other qualification acceptable to the Senate of the University of Kelaniya.


Those who wish to apply Geography, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics should pass the relevant subject in the GCE (A/L) Examinations

Examination Procedure

Examinations are conducted at the end of each year for all external degree courses offered by the University of Kelaniya. Candidates should sit for the relevant First Examination after completion of one-year from the first registration. Accepted time period is given for each degree course but arrangements have been made to grant more opportunities for candidates who fail to complete their degrees within the minimum period. Accordingly, four additional (in addition to minimum three-year period) years for a General Degree and three additional (in addition to minimum four- year period) years for a Special Degree are considered by the University. However, candidates are responsible to complete their degrees during the given maximum period subject to extension of registration for additional years by paying relevant fees. The registration will not extend further by any reason after seven (07) years in respect of a General Degree and seven (07) years in respect of a Special Degree from the date of first registration of a candidate. (The date of commencement of registration being the first day of January of the year in which registration occurs.)

There is no compulsion for external candidates to sit the prescribed examinations every succeeding year, and no objection to their sitting examinations at their convenience but subject to University statutes, laws and regulations pertaining to external examinations. However, it is of importance that candidates not completing their degree within the prescribed period of 3 years or four years, as the case may be, are not entitled to first class or second class honours even if they reach the prescribed standard of proficiency at the relevant examination.

To complete the B.A. (General) degree, a minimum of three years must elapse from registration. A candidate is qualified to sit the First Examination in Arts on completion of one academic year after registration. And only those who pass or are referred at the said examination are eligible to complete their degree by sitting the first and second parts of the Bachelor of Arts (General) degree examinations respectively, in the two subsequent years.

*** Candidates who offer Library & Information Science as a subject must be submitted assignments for each examination with relevant to the papers LISC – 101, LISC – 202 and LISC – 301 respectively. Relevant assignments to be submitted to the External Examinations Branch one month prior to begins the relevant examination and those candidates who fail to submit the assignments are not allowed to sit for the relevant examination.

Prior to registration for a Bachelor of Arts (Special) degree a candidate should have passed the First Examination in Arts and have obtained at least a “B” pass in the relevant subject. Such students are eligible to sit annually and in sequence the examinations of Parts First, Second and Third of the Bachelor of Arts (Special) degree and thereby complete their Special degree.


Examinations pertaining to external degree courses offered by the University are given below for the convenience of candidates.

First Examination in Arts

Bachelor of Arts (General) Degree Part I Examination

Bachelor of Arts (General) Degree Part II Examination

The above examinations will be held at the end of every academic year in regional centers of the island, depending on the number of candidates.

Age Limit

Candidates for External Degree Courses should have completed 18 years of age. A certified copy of the Birth Certificate should be forwarded with the application for registration.

Medium / Language

All external degree examinations are conducted in Sinhala and English, other than language exams.

Determination of Results

  • Pass the Examination:

(a) If the Board of Examiners determines that a candidate sitting the examination has on one and the same occasion reached a pass standard, in accordance with relevant examination regulations, in all three subjects he/she has sat, such candidate will be considered as having passed the examination.

(b) Furthermore, a candidate will be considered as having passed the prescribed examination even if he/she has obtained one ‘D’ grade (one only) for a subject/paper but obtained the minimum standard of marks required to pass the said examination.

(c) In the case of referred and re-referred candidates will be deemed to have passed the examination only on passing that particular subject/paper.

  • Refer the Examination: Candidates who do not obtain a minimum standard of marks required to pass the examination and obtain one ‘D’ grade in one subject/paper


Having obtained the minimum standard of marks required to pass the examination but obtained ‘E’ grade in one subject/paper, are considered to have referred the examination.

In the case of the Bachelor of Commerce degree, ‘Refer’ is considered to be three ‘D’ and/or ‘E’ grades.

  • Fail the Examination: Candidates who do not fulfil the necessary requirements to pass or refer examinations are considered to have failed the prescribed examinations.
  • Completion of Examination requirements:

It is compulsory that all candidates sitting a Final degree examination must of necessity have, either prior to such examination or in the same year, to have completed all examination requirements, if any, pertaining to prior examinations. Candidates must complete all examination requirements pertaining to their degree courses, in the case of a General degree, within five years and of a Special degree, within seven years from the date of his/her first registration according to examination regulations and subject to their registration being valid. Any candidate who has not completed all necessary requirements pertaining to his/her degree course will not be considered for awarding the degree.

  • Suspension / withhold of degree results / Examination results:

* The results of a candidate will be withheld if he/she has not sit for all papers of a particular examination or when the candidate is awaiting disciplinary action in respect of an examination malpractice.

* The degree results of a candidate will be suspended if he/she has not completed all examination requirements (if any) pertaining to his/her degree before the final examination or in the same year, even if he/she passes the final part of the degree examination. Such results will be released when the candidate is able to complete necessary requirements within the period of concession.

  • Pass the degree:

If a candidate presenting himself / herself for the relevant parts of the degree examinations has on one and the same occasion been deemed by the Board of Examiners to have attained the pass standard required by examination regulations, will be considered to have passed the relevant Degree examination.

  • Award of the degree with a Class:

(a) An external candidate successful at the degree examination in either Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Business Management (General) or Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Commerce (Special) will be considered for awarding the degree with a Second Class (Upper / Lower) or a First Class on the basis of the merits he/she earned.

(b) Every candidate who, if he/she is reading for a General degree reaches within the first three years and at the very first attempt a standard deemed by the Board of Examiners as sufficient according to examination regulations for a First Class Honours degree or for a Second Class Honours (Upper /Lower) degree, as the case may be, will be awarded such an Honours degree accordingly. In the case of candidates reading for a Special degree the same applies except that the stipulated period is four years instead of three.

Source : Centre for Distance and Continuing Education – University of Kelaniya website.

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