CFA in Sri Lanka

Investment managers like Indika. Ramali, Ohanuka. and Zarah are entrusted with the great responsibility of managing other people’s money. To be good stewards of capital, they have invested their time to acquire the technical skills and ethical grounding that come with their CFA designation — the most respected credential in the global Investment Industry

in pension funds, insurance companies, investment and mutual funds, and many other firms, CFA charter holders in Sri Lanka and in 149 countries find fulfillinq careers nurturing, safeguarding, and growing the finances of the world.

Discover financial careers with the CFA designation. Learn more about the CFA Program on

Enjoy the lowest fees if you enroll in the CFA Program by 23 September 2015

For enquiries, call 011-245-1220 (toll-free in Sri Lanka) or see below image

CFA in Sri Lanka

CFA in Sri Lanka

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