Become a Pilot in Sri Lanka

Become a Pilot in Sri Lanka

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ANC now offers you the opportunity to obtain a globally recognized aviation & aeronautic science qualification from LeTourneau University,Texas. You can begin your degree programme at ANC, complete the first year and transfer to America for the next three years.

The 1 + 3 year transfer programme, with assured credits transfer, also offers Optional Practical Training with employment opportunity of 12 to 29 months after graduation in the U.S.

Obtain your Private and Commercial pilot certificate or Instructor license that will open up global opportunities for employment or choose from combined disciplines.

Advantages of LeTourneau

  • Scholarships – US$ 7,000 -14,000 (Freshman) & US$ 4,000 -14,000 (Transfers)
  • Duration – 4 years (1 year at ANC & 3 years at LeTourneau)
  • A/Level exemptions
  • 29 Domestic and internal airports in Texas, creating great job opportunities


Certifications you will earn:

Private Riot Certificate

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Certificate

  • Instrument Rating
  • Single Engine
  • Multiengine


Optional certifications:

Flight Instructor Certificate

  • Instrument Rating
  • Single Engine Plane

On degree completion you will have approximately 220 flight hours in our 2006/2007 Cesna 172s/2005 American Champion Citabrias and Diamond DA-42 Twin Stars.


Air Traffic Management (B.S.)

Professional Right Concentration, Private Pilot Certificate, Professional Right

Aviation Maintenance Science (B.S.]

Computer Science Concentration, Electronic Technology Concentration, Mechanical Technology Concentration

Engineering (B.S.)

Biomedical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical

Engineering Technology (B.S.)

Aeronautical Electrical, Aeronautical Mechanical, Electrical

Aviation Management (B.S.)

Air Traffic Control Concentration, Professional Pilot Concentration

Mechanical Concentration (B.S.)


For more detail about the Pilot and Aeronautical Engineering call ANC on 0777 41 44 15 or see below image

Become a Pilot in Sri Lanka
Become a Pilot in Sri Lanka

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5 responses to “Become a Pilot in Sri Lanka”

  1. Demian Avatar

    Requesting help opportunity to success my ambition
    My Name is Dilan Demian Ishan Seffer and I am 22 years Old. I am a Sri Lankan citizen. My
    Passport Number is N5297092.I Studied biology scheme and such for the Advanced Level in
    2011 and got a passed the examination. I participated in sports activities at school and excelled
    in all sports. And I took part in external sports activities also. I got medals in “All Island School
    Sports meet. My childhood dream was to become an “Air Professional Pilot”. I was selected to
    the University but rejected it because their no Pilot trainee programs (B.Sc. In Aviation Degree
    Programs) in Sri Lankan university.
    So I applied to the “Cadetship in regular force of Sri Lankan Air Force” Pilot trainee
    degree program. I was call for an interview. In the interview at the Air force I got 96% marks in
    written and practical sections. After I passed all medical tests also. After the final interview they
    informed me that I was selected in the first place as a recruit for training and to the course. Few
    days later I was informed by telephone that I was not selected to the Pilot trainee degree
    program. I asked by telephone from the recruit officer in Sri Lankan air Force why I was not
    selected for Pilot trainee course. Recruit officer told me that my name was not included in the
    ministry list, he also told that it was a political inference. He also told me to get a help of a high
    ranking politician to get my entered. But I could not get any help from any politician. Then I was
    rejected from the course.
    After that I went to all the pilot training institutes in my country and inquired
    about the details of the course and relevant fees. I was informed “Professional Pilot course
    “duration is 2 ½ years and the minimum fees for the course would be USD. 45000.00
    As this is a
    very high amount, and I am not in passion to get this father died suddenly in an
    accident in 2002 when I am in grade 5.He was a senior Tea factory Officer. My mother work
    Janata Estate Development Board Accounts Clark and get retired. I have a younger sister who
    she is attending school at present. My mother suffering minor ailments. Income we have is not
    sufficient for me and my sister’s education and my family upkeep. For I inquired in several
    banks for an Educational loan as they did not have such a plan. I tried best by keeping our land
    and house as security to a bank, but it was not successful.
    I am in very difficult position now, and I have feeling frustrated because of this to
    make a success of my intention to become an Air pilot. I am asking you to give me a scholarship
    for this pilot training course or a sponsorship to go through this course. It would be and esteemed help to me. I beg you to consider this letter and grant me the necessary help to full
    feel my ambition and my future.
    I thank you for your kind co-operation in this matter.

  2. ishara janith Avatar
    ishara janith

    I’ want to be a pilot. I’m studying in Ananda

    1. prasanna Avatar

      Yes you can Ishara, i hope give information is very usefull for you

  3. ashan Avatar

    dear sir i would like to join with this course. .can you tell me the details

    1. prasanna Avatar

      please see above details or contact on the above given number for more details,


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