G.C.E (A/L) Government Model Papers and Term Papers (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English Mediums)

The National e-learning portal for the general education has shared the G.C.E (A/L) Government Model Papers and G.C.E (A/L) Government terms test examination Papers for benefiting to G.C.E (A/L) students.

For Sinhala Medium

Click Here for G.C.E (A/L) Government Model Papers in sinhala

Click Here for G.C.E (A/L) Government terms test examination Paper in Sinhala


For Tamil Medium

Click Here for G.C.E (A/L) Government Model Papers in Tamil

Click Here for G.C.E (A/L) Government terms test examination Paper in Tamil


For English Medium

Click Here for G.C.E (A/L) Government Model Papers in English

Click Here for G.C.E (A/L) Government terms test examination Paper in English


All the very best for G.C.E (A/L) students for their examination

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94 Responses

  1. Susil says:

    Can we get the science stream 2015 model papers?

  2. hazik zain says:

    i need comers 2015 a\l model paper set
    from new arrives

  3. AC. Muhammad Fawaz says:

    I want Batticaloa and Colombo Zonal term papers.

  4. AC. Muhammad Fawaz says:

    I mean G. C. E. Advance level Math-science term papers.

  5. Puwasuru Ihalagedara says:

    can i have 2013 biology government model paper 1 (sinhala medium)?

  6. Naveed says:

    I need A/L technology stream model papers?

  7. shaggy says:

    can i get the 2014 bussiness studies paper, answer sheet [ english medium]

  8. shaggy says:

    can i get the 2014 AL bussiness studies paper,answer sheet[english medium]

  9. jayaweera says:

    can i get gce a/l Japanese language papers please ?

    • prasanna says:

      Sorry No pass papers in this site, only model papers publish by ministry of education.
      but i doubt they do have Japanese Language model papers now.


  10. Naveed says:

    I need communication and media studies last year past paper?

  11. Naveed says:

    Past paper or model papers?

  12. Fazla says:

    i need tamil medium political science term papers
    how can i get them?

    • prasanna says:

      hope you can download only selected model papers and terms papers from the site, but its not sure they publish all model papers,


    • Aashik says:

      i need tamil medium technology papers? where can i get them? if anyone know about that.please tell me.

      • prasanna says:

        Dear Asahilk,
        you have to contect to department of education, because they have not updated Tamil medium Technology papers in their site,


  13. parami ranasinghe says:

    i need science for technology past paper and model papers?please send me

    • prasanna says:

      Model papers are available here, but according to Srilanka Law we can’t publish pass papers in website .

  14. sapthaka ranga says:

    i need 2015 a/l SFT and ET past papert and marking scheme……if you can’t publish them in web pleace send me them via e mail…..please help me…

  15. tharu fernando says:

    i need past papers for japanese with 2015

  16. rajika says:

    can’t we take 2016 accounting module paper and answers

  17. fathima azra says:

    I need literature model pprs whr can I get it ????

  18. Thanuja says:

    could you pl. send me A/L SInhala, Drama, Geography, Dance model papers
    I cant download those pdf files. Pl. send it to me.


    • prasanna says:

      Dear Thanuja,

      only PDF version is available in website, pls try again, if not pls advise back


  19. pubudu says:

    i”m still try to find my advanced level model papers. but i not found them yet. edu.lk is sucks. page is not clear and not a good type. make it better.

    • prasanna says:

      as per srilankan law you can’t publish srilankan government exam papers, we can share only model papers which is available for free from Ministry of Education website.


  20. tharnie says:

    could you plz send me a/l tamil medium physics, biolgy, chemistry term test papers

  21. Juliya says:

    Can I get the A/L bio system technology model paper in 2016…

  22. far says:

    I need 2015physics exam paper in tamil.

  23. H. Eheliyagoda says:

    can i get the 2016 A/L model papers of bio system technology and agricultural science

  24. prassanna says:

    i want 2016 physics paper

  25. Janindu says:

    Send me a/l 2015 exam paper with answers

  26. imas says:

    Hello sir.. i want 2016 royal’s final tamil medium maths, phy,chmtry. Papers

  27. amenda says:

    Can we get 2016 AL political science and BC model papers (sinhala medium) places ?

  28. pavani hansika says:

    I wanna get mark scheme of A/L [grade 12] 3rd term test business studies 2016.plz send the link

  29. Buddhini says:

    Western province 2016 A/L model paper political science,please send me

  30. Cdr says:

    Can you please upload some Mass Comm(Media), and Logic GCE(A/L) English Medium past papers and model papers

  31. rahmy athas says:

    i want sft government model papers answer scheme

  32. Thilan says:

    give me 2015 science for technology a/l structer paper and answers soon…..

  33. Vimudi Kisalka says:

    I want English and French model papers

  34. niro says:

    i need science for tec last year paper & answer scheme

  35. sanduni tharuka says:

    Pls send me a monthly test papers for b.s,econ,accounting subjects.

  36. mafas says:

    I need a/l 2016 Tamil exam paper. how I get it???

  37. kaveesha Anne says:

    can I get GIT pass papres

  38. hela says:

    i need answers for pilot examination 2016 information communication technology

  39. ACM. Fawaz says:

    Did you have A/L past papers and marking scheme in Tamil medium

  40. sriram says:

    can i get technology stream English medium 2015 past paper?

  41. Jeewaka says:

    Where can I find E-books for A/L technology stream.i think E-books are helpful for all students.

  42. Grey says:

    Can I get technology stream past papers in English medium??

  43. i want morattuva papers with annswers

  44. chathurika says:

    can you send al final term test papers of colombo schools 2016?biology chemistry physics

  45. chathurika says:

    hello sir…can you send al final term test papers of colombo schools 2016? biology chemistry physics

  46. krishanthi says:

    I need a 2016 A/L Business studies supporting paper & answers

  47. pramudi says:

    can i get japanese past papers for a/l s.

  48. Induwara says:

    Can I get chemistry support seminar model paper 2012

  49. anuranga says:

    How can i download ÀL Bio System Tech. Past papers?is it available?

  50. Hazy says:

    I need 2017 government model papers

  51. Shanu Sinnen says:

    i want science for technology model papers. how can i get it

  52. Hiruni says:

    I want 2017 A/L model papers or school term test Aug (Math,Chemistry & Physics) Sinhala medium

  53. sachini says:

    shall we get a/l jpanese past past papers?

  54. thisari wickramasekara says:

    I need French (G.C.E) AL`s marking schemes from 2000-2016. where can I find it?

  55. anjali says:

    i need a old syllabus model paper 2019 A/L political science, and media.

  56. kavya says:

    can you please send law entrance past papers

  57. J.A.T.S. Jayasinghe says:

    Can I get Accounting, Economics & Business Statistics 1st term test papers

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