G.C.E (A/L) 2015 – Examinations Applications calls now – Applications close on 6th March 2015

The Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka invites applications for the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) examination – august 2015.

Applications of private candidates for the above examination will be received from 06.02.2015 to 06.03.2015. Candidates are advised to read this notice carefully and follow the instructions given herein before filling up the application forms and also to make sure to select exactly the correct Town Number and Subject Numbers. Candidates are allowed to offer a maximum of three main subjects.

Click below Links to Obtain the G.C.E (A/L) 2015 Applications and information sheets from Department of Examination website.

Application form in English – Click Here

Application Form in Sinhala – Click Here

Application Form in Tamil – Click Here


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41 Responses

  1. Aravinthan Sharma says:

    I missed the deadline of alevels . Can apply for exam 2015 ALEVEL

  2. Aazir says:

    i got my admission but,my detail is wrong,my father’s name one letter was changed (ee for i)..is it a problem?

    • prasanna says:

      Better to contact to Department of Examination quicker, because name should be correctly spell for your further studies.

  3. Sarjoon says:

    I site the O/L exam in 2014 and I got my O/L results in 2015

    My question is I like to site A/L exam in 2016 so I can site the exam?

    Pls any one tell me to my email address

  4. hameedha says:

    I do my o/l in 2002..I like to do a/l in 2016..I can do???

  5. shyna says:

    I did my o/l in 2013 bt i start my a/l in 2015 so the exam year will be on 2017 can i do it on 2017 as a private candidate

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Shyna,

      there is no age issues for siting G.C.E (A/L) Private candidate, so you can go as private candidate.
      only issue is u may not consider for University entrance.


  6. bashitha says:

    is 2016 private applications calls in same time ?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Bashitha,

      Yes we expecting somewhat similar time, definitely we will share that information here.


  7. Pravinth says:

    Can private a/l candidate enter government universities? Is there an age limit to enter universities?

  8. shyna says:

    Even if its a private school it mean international school we wont be able to join the unversty????
    with the good reslts regards … cant we enter

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Shyna,

      if t is semi government school; yes you can enter university, if it is international school than you can’t go university even if it is good result,


  9. shyna says:

    Do i need to submit projects

  10. ishanka says:

    My exm year was 2014.but i missed it. Then i faced 2015 exm first time. Then i want to do exm again 2016.can i appy exm frm schl? Or as a pvt candidate. And i want to know can i do my alls again in 2017 as third shy?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Ishanka,
      i think you can do maximum of 3 time as school candidate for entering to university, if you just need qualification than you do as private candidate,

  11. Dilanka says:

    I sat for a/l in last year in science stream.it is my second shy. Bt now I want to face to a/l in commerce stream. Is there any special application to change the subjects ?

  12. I will personally apply advanced level in 2016.I didn’t resignation letter at school.I personally want to apply the letter of resignation,if the school?

    • prasanna says:

      sorry didn’t get your question.
      if you wanted to apply as private candidate you can there is no issue. but as private candidate you are not considerable for university selection.


  13. I will personally apply fr advanced leve in 2016.I didn’t get my school leaving certificate at school.If leaving certificate important for alevels in private?please wanna soon answer.

  14. hellow ??answer please

  15. rukshan says:

    i am 22 years old can i sit as a privet candidate in the 2017 AlL because the form says i should be 21 or below

  16. thilina nisansala says:

    How does A/L the first time in private

  17. nayanathara says:

    I did my o/l s in 2015 ..can’t i do my a/l in 2017 as a private candidate? Because i want to migrate australia

  18. rihaz says:

    If im doing my A/l as a private candidate without applying from a school for first time
    will i be able to enter university …
    do i need to sit for GIT exams
    do i need to submitt any projects

  19. rihaz says:

    Helo can u please reply me

  20. shyna says:

    When does 2017 a/l applications are release??????

  21. Hafsa says:

    I did my A/ls in 2016 as a private candidate again i would like to do A/l in 2017 as a private candidate…can i do A/l twice as a private candidate??…plss rply me as soon as possible

  22. Esther says:

    Hellow….i did my OL in 2015 bt now i ready to face my AL in 2018 as a private candidate..so do i need to submit projects???????

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