Environment and Human Health seminar on January 22nd 2015

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A Seminar on “Environment and Human Health” will be conducted by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon at its headquarters in Rajagiriya on January 22, 2015

Environmental health is concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health. It comprises of different aspects of human health, including quality of life, that are determined by physical, biological, social and psychosocial factors in the environment.

It also includes theory and practice of assessing, correcting, controlling and preventing those factors in the environment that can potentially affect adversely health of present and future generations.

In this seminar the experts in the environment sector will cover “ Environmental pollution and human health, Household air pollution, Soil and human health, Water pollution and effects on human health. Noise induced hearing loss by occupational and leisure noise. Hazardous waste management and Applications of chemical principles for assessment of the environment.”

More information could be obtained from http://www.nsf.ac.lk/ichem/


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