Scholarships for Muslim Students in Sri Lanka from Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia

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The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is pleased to allocate Scholarships for meritorious but financially needy Muslim Students in Sri Lanka, who are selected for admission to the University for Agriculture, Dental, Engineering, Medicine & Veterinary faculties. The Students will be paid Stipends thrice a year plus grants for books & clothing each year.

The IDB Scholarship is a grant from the IDB and offered as an Interest Free Loan to the Students, to be refunded in easy instalments, after completing their studies and after accepting remunerative employment. The recipient students are expected to refund the Scholarship amount to the Trust created for the purpose, for the future use of other needy students.

The Applicants must fulfil the following requirements

  • Should have passed the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination held in August 2013 and have the Z-Core results to admission to the Universities.
  • Should not be in receipt of any other Scholarship locally or abroad
  • The student of his/her parents must be financially unable to pay for education.
  • Students benefitting from this Scholarship must undertake to serve his/her country and community for a period of not less than the duration of the repayment of the Scholarship amount.
  • Age should not exceed 24 years on 31st December 2014.
  • Should produce the Bio-Data and the certified Copies of the Advanced Level Result Sheet 2013, Birth Certificate, NIC, Grama Niladhari report

Those who are qualified as mentioned above should register Post the required documents on or before 30th September 2014.


10, Rajapokuna Mawatha, Maligawatta, Colombo 10

Scholarships for Muslim Students in Sri Lanka from Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia
Scholarships for Muslim Students in Sri Lanka from Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia

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8 responses to “Scholarships for Muslim Students in Sri Lanka from Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia”

  1. Mizhar Avatar

    dear sir
    i have complete Advance Diploma in Electronic i have opportunity to continue degree final year. but i don’t have money. if you can please help me with money
    thank you

  2. MOhammed Bassim Avatar
    MOhammed Bassim

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Dear Sir,

    Currently I am an engineering student at a private campus in Sri Lanka studying for Civil Engineering, I have just finished my 1st semster and suddenly my father got sick and lost his job, so I AM UNABLE TO CONTINUE WITH MU STUDIES from now on, so If you could help me out to pay my course fee, then I would be able to continue, please advise. Thanks, May Allah help you for the service you rendering to muslim ummah.

    Mohammed Bassim
    Sri Lanka

    1. prasanna Avatar

      Dear Mohammed,
      Pls apply for above scholarship, god bless you to get a scholarship,


  3. fathimaash.. Avatar

    Assalamu alaikkum sir,
    About scholarship.
    Currently Iam an undergraguat student studyung in law field.with the family problem& economic crisis I have just finished my 1st year studies with tasks. My father is the one& only person spending for me by working for a small amount of salary.its difficult him to lead life spending for this critical situation I would like to expect a small amount of scholarship. If u could do this service,it will be a biggest help for my studies & I’ll always be obligated for u.
    Thank you sir,
    Your truthful

    1. prasanna Avatar

      Dear Fathima Ashraa

      Actually you need to apply when they call for an applications only. i hope its close by now,


  4. mariyam Avatar

    Dear sir,
    I am currently studying medicine 2nd year in malaysia, due to a financial problem my parents are now finding it difficult to support me for my remaining 3 year tuition fee. Is there any assistance I could get, I really want to finish my studies. Please consider my plea, I cannot transfer to any university now, I do not want to quit. It would be really appreciated if you could serve me in any possible way.
    Thank you

    1. prasanna Avatar

      Dear Mariyam,

      you need to apply only on when they call for applications,


  5. NAZEER AMEER Avatar

    Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu.
    Dear sir,
    I am nazeer ameer from dharul hasanath childrens orphanage,mawanella.I have passed my G.C.E O/l examinations with 9A .i have done my advanced levels also.
    I have got an opportunity to study medicine in belarus .grodno state medical university.
    But as i am from an orphanage i am struggling for the if u can help me it would be a great help.

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