Private tuition on Sundays and Poya to end in Anuradhapura

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Conducting private tuition classes on Sundays and Poya days was prohibited in the Anuradhapura District from 7am to 2 p.m. A date for the implementation of this ban was yet to be decided.

This decision was taken unanimously at the meeting held at the Sambudda Jayanthi Viharaya on the 31st by the Anuradhapura District Sasanarakshaka Bala Mandalaya.

The North Central Province had approved the procedure which would be implemented within the district in the near future, it was announced.

The District Bala Mandalaya met with the participation of the North and North Central Province Chief Incumbent and Anuradhapura Sasanarakshaka Bala Mandala Chairman Ven. Nugetenne Pannananda Thera.

Under this programme, it was expected to prevent less participation of students in Dhamma Education and to reduce the involvement of children in different types of malpractices.

The Provincial Council also expects to implement this procedure island wide after approving it legally Special Project Minister S.M. Chandiaseua. Chief Minister S.M. Ranjith Samarakoon and Chief Ministry Secretary Ananda Kularatne also participated at the occasion


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