University Grants Commission publish University Admission book from today for an Academic Year 2013/2014 -April 2014

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The University Grants Commission will entertain applications for admission to universities from candidates who have satisfied the minimum requirements for university admission at the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination held in August 2013. The Commissioner General of Examinations has already informed the candidates whether they have satisfied the minimum requirements for university admission.

Minimum Requirements for University Admission

Candidates who are pronounced eligible for university admission by the Commissioner General of Examinations and have fulfilled the following requirements are eligible for university admission;

(a) at least ‘S’ Grades; in all three approved subjects in one and the same sitting within a minimum of three attempts; and

(b) a minimum mark of 30% for the Common General Paper

Note 1 : However, the students who sat for the G.C.E (A/L) Examination 2013 as their 4th attempt will be considered for university admission for the Academic Year 2013/2014 only if their third attempt was either in year 2011 or 2012 as explained in the decision No 13/0205/521/008 dated 01.03.2013 of the Cabinet of Ministers, pursuant to the recommendation made by the Supreme Court to allow the students affected due to Z-Score issue in 2011 A/L Examination, to sit the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination as a 4th attempt.

Note 2 : Candidates who are pronounced ineligible by the Commissioner General of Examinations due to not .satisfying (b) above are also allowed to apply for university admission only if they have already satisfied at previous attempt / attempts or would satisfy at any future attempt the said requirement within the three attempts allowed to sit the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination for the purpose of university admission.

Note 3 : Students who got themselves registered as full time students to follow a course of study of 3 year duration or above, leading to a Higher National Diploma (HND) at an Institute which comes under the Sri Ianka Institute of Advanced ‘technological Education (SLIATE) or National Diploma in Engineering Sciences (NDES) at the Technical Training Institute (TTI) of the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) based on the results of the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination held in 2012 or prior to 2012 art: also eligible to apply for university admission based on the results of the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination 2013, provided they have withdrawn their registration within a period of 60 days from the last date for registration. Such applicants should send along with the application, a copy of the letter issued by the Institution concerned regarding the cancellation of registration.

The 60 day concession stated herein is not given to candidates who have been selected to fill a vacancy to the above mentioned Institutions.

Method of Obtaining the Prescribed Form and other Particulars about University Admission

Every application for admission should be made in the prescribed form issued with the Handbook on university admission, which is obtainable from the University Grants Commission Secretariat, No. 20, Ward Placc, Colombo 07 or from the Distributing Agents appointed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) on payment of cash, from 23rd April 2014.

Prospective candidates are hereby informed that a ‘Computer Data Sheet* and a large envelope (30 cm X 25 cm) would be issued along with the Admissions Handbook titled, “Admission to Undergraduate Courses of the Universities in Sri Lanka – Academic Year 2013/2014” which will contain the application for university admission. Candidates have to ensure that they have received all those documents when the Handbook is purchased.

(I) The list of Distributing Agents appointed by the UGC is appended below. Application forms could be obtained from them by making a cash payment of Rs. 500/ – in respect of each application form.

(ii) Application forms could also be obtained by post. When application forms arc obtained by post, the applicants should make a deposit of Rs. 500/- in respect of each application form at any Branch of the Bank of Ceylon or People’s Bank to the credit of the UGC Collection Account No. 0002323287 at Torrington Branch of the Bank of Ceylon or Collection Account No. 167-1-001-4-3169407 at Town Hall Branch of the People’s Bank by filling in the paying-in-voucher provided by the Bank. The counterfoil of the paying-in-voucher duly authenticated by the Bank Seal and the signature of an authorized officer on such counterfoil should be sent along with the request for application forms.

Every request for an application form by post should be made to the Additional Secretary (Academic Affairs fir University Admissions), University Grants Commission, No. 20, Ward Place, Colombo 07 by a letter, giving name of the applicant and the medium in which the applicant wishes to have the Handbook on admission procedure. In addition, a self addressed un-stamped envelope of not less than 35 c.m. X 24 c.m. in size should be forwarded.

Closing Date for Applications

The closing date of applications will be 19th May 2014. Completed application forms could be handed over or sent by registered post addressed to the Additional Secretary (Academic Affairs fir University Admissions), University Grants Commission, No. 20, Ward Place, Colombo 07. No applications will be entertained after 19th May 2014.

Note 4 : According to the recruitment policy of the Ministry of Health, in order to be eligible for the course of study in Nursing, the candidates should be a minimum of 4’10″ in height and should be physically fit enough to discharge duties attached to the post of Nurse. Candidates who wish to apply for Nursing should duly fill the Section 8 of the application indicating true and accurate information of height fir physical condition.

However, according to the recruitment policy of the Ministry of Health only 5% out of the total number of recruitments will be for male nurses.

In addition, candidates who wish to be considered for admission to the under mentioned courses of study should apply to the respective University to sit the Aptitude Test, to be conducted by the respective Universities. The relevant University will publish a press notice calling for applications to sit the Aptitude Test and the candidate may contact the Registrar of the respective University / Senior Assistant Registrar of the respective Institute for further details.

Course of Study University Campus Institute
Arts (SP) – Mass Media Sripalee
Architecture MRT
Design (Architecture) MRT
Management fir Information Technology KLN
Fashion Design fir Product Development MRT
Information fir Communication Technology RUSL Vavuniya
Arts (SP) – Performing Arts Sripalee
Science & Technology UWU
Computer Science & Technology UWU
Entrepreneurship & Management UWU
Animal Science UWU
Art fir Design RAFA
Drama & Theatre * UVPA SVIAS
Visual & Technological Arts SVIAS
Export Agriculture UWU
Tea Technology & Value Addition UWU
Industrial Information Technology UWU
Mineral Resources & Technology UWU
Physical Education SUSL
Sports Science & Management SUSL, SJP
Visual Arts* UVPA
Aquatic Resources Technology UWU
Palm and latex Technology & Value Addition UWU
Hospitality, Tourism & Events Management UWU
Information Systems UCSC
Landscape Architecture MRT
Translation Studies KLN SUSL UJA

MRT – University of Moratuwa

KLN – University of Kelaniya

RUSL – Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Vavuniya – Vavuniya Campus

UCSC – University of Colombo School of Computing

UJA – University of Jaffna

UWU – Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

Sripalee – Sripalee Campus

SJP – University of Sri Jayewardenepura

SUSL – Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

UVPA – University of the Visual & Performing Arts

RAFA – Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts

SVIAS – Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies

* The University of the Visual fir Performing Arts will conduct the subject oriented practical tests for Music, Dance, Drama fir Theatre and Visual Arts.

University Grants Commission publish University Admission book for an Academic Year 2013/2014 Distributing Agents

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For more details see below image

University Grants Commission publish University Admission book from today for an Academic Year 20132014  -April 2014
University Grants Commission publish University Admission book from today for an Academic Year 20132014 -April 2014

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