GRADE 5 SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION FREE MODEL PAPER FOR 2014 BY TEACHER P. AMBIGAIBAGAN– 4 / தரம் 5 புலமைப்பரிசில் பரீட்சைக்கான ஆசிரியர் P.அம்பிகைபாகனின் இலவச மாதிரி பரீட்சை தாள் – 4

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Teacher P. Ambigaibagan’s Grade 5 Scholarship Examination Free Model Paper for 2014 Dear Principle, Teachers, Parents of the Grade 5 students, the Leading Grade 5 Scholarship teacher Mr. P. Ambigaibagan is issuing his model papers for Grade 5 Scholarship Examination in Tamil medium via for your student’s best future at a free of Charge.

We will post 60 model papers and answers before Grade 5 Scholarship Examination on 17th August 2014.


This is our 4th Paper for the Grade five Scholarship examination Model Paper for Free and the answers for this paper will publish on sunday.


Exam papers Publishing Days

Answer sheets Publish Days








You could download PDF attachment below and print it; and do it under examination time conditions.

Click Here for Grade 5 Scholarship Examination Free Model Paper for 2014 Paper 4

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