GRADE 5 SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION FREE MODEL PAPER FOR 2014 BY TEACHER P. AMBIGAIBAGAN– 3 / தரம் 5 புலமைப்பரிசில் பரீட்சைக்கான ஆசிரியர் P.அம்பிகைபாகனின் இலவச மாதிரி பரீட்சை தாள் – 3

Teacher P. Ambigaibagan’s Grade 5 Scholarship Examination Free Model Paper for 2014 – 2

Dear Principle, Teachers, Parents of the Grade 5 students, the Leading Grade 5 Scholarship teacher Mr. P. Ambigaibagan is issuing his model papers for Grade 5 Scholarship Examination in Tamil medium via for your student’s best future at a free of Charge.

We will post 60 model papers and answers before Grade 5 Scholarship Examination on 17th August 2014.


This is our 3rd Paper for the Grade five Scholarship examination Model Paper for Free.


Exam papers Publishing Days

Answer sheets Publish Days








You could download PDF attachment below and print it; and do it under examination time conditions.

Click Here for Grade 5 Scholarship Examination Free Model Paper for 2014 Paper 3


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11 Responses

  1. bavananthan says:

    only 3 part 1 paper published today is the lancing no any other papers. today.

  2. ali says:


    how to download the answers for these model papers pls?

  3. bavananthan says:

    Today Friday no papers we have done the three papers. we didn’t correct yet. Please help us .

    • prasanna says:

      the Answer Sheet for first 3 Papers was posted just now,
      and the Paper 4 will post on Monday 10th March 2013,

  4. bavananthan says:

    Model Paper -1
    For the 23 & 24 Question answer is wrong according the question.
    Q-15 Please explane
    Model Paper -3
    For the 31 & 32 Question answer is wrong according the question.
    For 29 Question we can write ” School song”
    Model Paper -2
    For the 7 Question answer is wrong according the question.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Bavan,
      Thanks for your Comment, before making any comments read questions and answers correctly, if you unable to understand what grade 5 student is expected to understood; pls find a guidance from School teachers,
      all the above answers are correct.
      in future if you comment, pls check yourself did you understand the questions properly,


  5. bavananthan says:

    Sorry I have Point out the Question And answer

  6. shameela says:

    sir, how can i get 2016 model papers from you

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Shameela,
      Sir has shared only 2014 model papers, and he may publish a model paper book for 2016.

      pls do contact him for more details,

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